From gauges we can we distinguish between length gauges, workpiece gauges and tool gauges, too.
Below you can read a short overview of Heidenhain gauges distributed by the INNOMATIK Megoldástechnika Ltd.

Length gauges

Type Measuring range Accuracy Type of signal
60mm 25mm 2 mikrom 11 mikroAss
12mm 2 mikrom 1Vss
25mm 4 mikrom TTL
60mm 10 mikrom TTL
12mm 2 mikrom 1Vss
30mm 1TTL


Workpiece gauges

Measuring workpieces by Heidenhain

TS types:

The TS types are three-dimensional gauges which touch trigger probe deflected upon contact with a workpiece surface. The signal can be transmitted to the control either through a cable (TS 220 and TS 230) or as an infrared light signal (TS 7xx, TS 6xx, TS 4xx).

Tool gauges

Measuring tools by Heidenhain

  • TT 140 three-dimensional gauges: touch trigger probe deflected upon contact with a tool sending a signal to the NC control.
  • Tactile TT tool gauges: operate contact-free. The laser beam scans the length the diameter or contour of the tool, The values are processed by measuring cycles in the NC control.

With the tactile TT touch probes and the contact-free TL laser systems,

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