Own developed devices

One of our products is types of MSMC converter family.

It is suitable for one thing, and perhaps nothing more: to solve the incremental linear and angle encoders scales fast, inexpensive repairing and revitalizing. In many cases it occured that a value of several thousand euro angle or linear encoder went out of order, was cumulatively, permanently damaged. The repairing was impossible, a new device had to be purchased. The new instrument is not only can be frighteningly expensive, but the lead time of delivery is often far more than 1-2 days. It could be even several weeks. As well as removing the defective device from the machine is sometimes difficult, time consuming, or special machine knowledge skills are required. We met several times a cutting machine, where the dissassembly of the angle encoder took all day, and it was another day for the service center of the machine to recover it. So the classical, well known solutions, such as repairing or replacing the device can encounter three types of difficulty:

  • expensive spare parts
  • long lead-time delivery
  • difficult, slow, risky dis- and reassembly

All these reasons confirm that it is worth to ask our converter-based solution. The price of MSMC module is between HUF 18,850 and 102,100, depending on the configuration.

An example of its application:

  • our customer shall send to us the wrong linear encoders, rotary or angle encoder. We fit the converter module to this integrated into the housing or outside.
  • going to the scene. In this case, we interfere into the diagnosis of failed device by the connector of cable of the meter (mostly electric cabinet of the machine).

If necessary, it means the device is really unserviceable, the MSMC module is inserted between the connection. It has small size, in each case it must fit.

Here are some examples of the practical applications

Heidenhain ROD 250 18000 angle encoder repaired with MSMC 11.11 signal conditioning modul

Reparation of Heidenhain ROD 250 18000 angle encoder proved to be extremely difficult. Optical parts of angle encoder with sinusoidal output had so big amortization, that after reparation it could give only the minimum size of the signals considerably less than the specification.

We needed an external signal conditioning module serial matching into the 1 meter long cable of angle encoder.

We installed a proven types of our MSMC device on it, with this the unit became perfectly operational.

The all consumption on 5 V power supply was 58 mA instead of the original 37 mA. The previous type of this angle encoder itself used 95-105 mA electric current. Quality of its output signals became thereby sufficient for the new status of the tax encoder.

Fitting Heidenhain linear encoders to Mitutoyo Position Display Unit with 2 axes

Fitting Heidenhain linear encoders to Mitutoyo Position Display Unit with 2 axes

In this situation, the originally position display unit applied to Heidenhain linear encoder was ruined, it was not economically repairable. At that moment the cost price and a temporary lack of the new Heidenhain display, did not allow the order.

We used a more affordable and available and from stock transportable Mitutoyo position indicator.

But this alone is not compatible with Heidenhain “microamper sinusoidal”outgoing electrical signals.
So we needed a converter unit, which converts the Heidenhain LS 603 and LS 703 microamper sinus output signals to the input 2Vss signal types required for the Mitutoyo position display.

For this served the one piece per axis from ultra-low-cost MSMC 11.2V adapter module fitting series with the linear encoders.

The total price of display and 2 pieces of MSMC Module was 45% of the price of the Heidenhain display. Delivery time fitted into 2 business days.


Heidenhain length gauge repaired with MSMC 11.11 signal conditioning modul

Heidenhain length gauge repaired with MSMC 11.11 signal conditioning modul

In this case, we had to solve to replace a broken Heidenhain-made, 50 mm measuring range length gauge, with purchasing price of approximately EUR 4000, transportable within 10 weeks of manufactured lead time.

The main problems were the permanent, non-repairable damaged distortions of the sinusoidal microampere signals.

With a specially constructed unity of the MSMC converter the length gauge was put into operation in high quality.

Fitting the “legendary” 1250 increment Tesla IRC encoder to the ” Heidenhain mikroampersinus signal input systems, in this case in 2-axis version.

2 pieces from above mentioned Tesla IRC encoder were installed to the Heidenhain ND 750 types Position Display Units.

Since the converters transmit also reference signal in this case, it allows including CNC control application.


Saving LIDA 55 linear encoder with MSMC adapter

Saving LIDA 55 linear encoder with MSMC adapter

This is a Heidenhain linear encoder produced in 1960s, in this case with 1340 mm gage length. The main reason for its failure was the damage, destruction of its photoelectric cell panel. From the manufacturer of these this is “of course” no longer available. Also in the case of much younger parts the device supply can be hardly possible.

So we fitted externally a MSMC module to it. The system is now functioning again and is in production.