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Name fo the company: INNOMATIK Megoldastechnika Ltd.

Address: 48-50.Nagytétényi street, Budapest H-1222 Hungary.

Sites: 50. Gyula Vezer street, Budapest H-1223 Hungary.


Phone: +36 20 475-3413

Open hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-14:00 pm

GPS coordinates: 47°24’34.0″N 19°00’13.7″E

Information of the company:

Billing address: 48-50. Nagytétényi street, Budapest H-1222 Hungary

VAT: 23511570243

VAT (EU) : HU23511570

Registration number in Hungary: 0109969071

Our bank account: 10918001-00000121-55470007 (huf)

IBAN: HU60109180010000012155470014 (eur)


INNOMATIK Megoldástechnika Kft.